Everyone makes too much of a fuzz for people groping some boobs. 

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Her mood would drop even more at the mention of it taking a long time to get her powers back. It wasn’t fair. A lot of people seemed to be pretty strong and had their powers while she didn’t. However, hearing that wrestling was entire physical was strange? Wouldn’t that just be a normal fight then?


"Is that what that is? We can only use physical strength? No magic or anything? Then wouldn’t that just be a normal fight? Like just punching and kicking and biting and scratching each other?"

Uh, well that’s basically what you do on wrestling yeah but they use less punching and more flashy moves that make you unable to keep fighting. That’s why it’s a contest of pure physical strength and skill!

[Even if it meant fighting without magic, Natsu was determined to win such an event or at the very least, enjoy figthing in it.]

OO1; No Glyphs ?


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She couldn’t really say she’d be too surprised or not surprised at all. Seeing people wield any type of ability, she was used to that. What she wasn’t used to was people not using glyphs here in this strange world. This was both interesting and a little frightening. Did this just mean people have evolved from glyphs and using their spirit energy to use their techniques with it ?

Such a thing really perked the lioness’ attention and curiosity. So here she found herself staring at the young boy in front of her with ears twitching in curiosity as she watched. Just merely getting flames out of no where without even using a glyph from what it seemed like, she didn’t think it’d be possible. Well this place was different and it did seem there was different people from different worlds here. It’s almost like that Hero that Millhiore summoned up, from a complete different world. How interesting.


" Hey. " She stated bold and clearly for the boy to hear her loud and clear. " Do you not use a glyph at all when you use your fire you summon ? " So curiosity killed the cat, she wanted to know. It was just a simple curious question it’s not like it was of any harm. Sure it’d probably confuse someone if they don’t use glyphs and didn’t even know what they were, but that was alright. It’d just give her the answer she sought out even more clearly.

[Natsu was chasing some criminals as usual and in the process, he had used his powers, as usual too. It was no wonder that some people still gazed in awe at the dragon slayer doing his thing but there was always some people that had grown used to seeing him do that on a regular basis. Today, it seemed that someone had not seen his powers before was the one to catch him on the act of punishing a few baddies as they were all lying on the floor groaning from pain and he had a fiery fist about to punch a guy on the face while holding him up from the shirt.]

Hah? What’s a glyph?

[Natsu had no idea what the girl with the cat ears was talking about since all he knew about magic was how to use it and as far as he knew, he never heard of the word “glyph” when he was taught by Igneel.]



     It’s impressive; even if she isn’t invested in the happenings of the city or its people, something like his display is admirable. ❝ I’m afraid I wouldn’t know, I’ve always gotten by without it. ❞

[As he expected, she came from a world with no magic.]

Well, as I was saying, I’m from a magic guild called Fairy Tail. This is our guild tattoo so if you see anyone in the city with it, you can be sure they are a friend of mine!

[He then proudly showed off the tattoo on his shoulder.]








"A little bit won’t. But a large amount says otherwise. Believe me, I’ve seen it happen." Although mostly by his own hands.

From the look in his eyes, Daylen could tell what Natsu was planning and so wasn’t phased by it.

I am afraid your attempts at trickery will not work.”

[Daylen not playing along with Natsu’s antics made him want to actually go ahead and burn him a bit just to mess with him so he went and held Daylen’s hand with a straight face.]


Right next to you, enjoying the sun. Where else?

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