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There was a brief moment of silence before something fast and gold came flying through the air.




The gold being flew past a large building.



"—IDEAAAAAAAAAA!!!" How she had gotten into this situation was simple. She had propelled herself in the air using her powerful legs and a bouncy piece of plywood she found in what looked like a construction site.  Needless to say this was a bad idea. Not bad because she was flying through the air, bad because she didn’t have anything to stop her. Usually she would use her gauntlets to brace her fall in some way with the recoil.  Ah well.

There were trees up ahead which were as good as any to fall into. Propelling her strong body forward, she fall into the lush top of the trees, her body falling to the ground…and onto something.


"That was…a bad idea…" Fun though.

[Natsu was on his way to get some food as usual and today came with a surprise. As he was walking without a care in the world, Happy realized something was coming from above and didn’t even have a time to warn Natsu so he only moved away and called out to him but without success. Now, something or rather, someone was lying on top of the dragonslayer that had been knocked facedown on the ground. Quickly enough, the sturdy boy lifted his face from the ground and yelled at whoever was on top of him.]

Oi! What’s the big idea! Get off of me! You’re heavy!

[And of course, the blue exceed couldn’t help but almost laugh at his friend’s unlucky moment.]

Happy: Natsu… are you… okay?

[It was pretty obvious that the talking cat was trying to contain his laughter as he talked but it was doing a bad job at trying to conceal it.]

Let’s get fired up [Open]


Was that a scream?

The cry for help seemed to ring in the rubber eardrums of the pirate-captain, who had wandered off into sector 5 accidently. His sense of direction was almost as worse then his first-mate back at seas. His legs took off into a sprint, flying down the streets past the masses he came across, looking for the voice. It had to be around here, and he knew for a fact he saw some weirdo’s around here on his walk here.


The body emerging from the alleyway was a give-away that ths was the right place he had been looking for. Blinking, he saw charcoal around the face of the sent body, wondering if it was maybe Ace? Who else had fire powers? His eyes looked down the alley, seeing a good group of weapon-thugs coming straight at a pink-haired person at the edge of the alleyway. Jumping into the alley-way right behind the pink-haired person in danger, his arms stretched back behind him three feet, then threw them forward.


"Gomu gomu no… GATLING!!!"

A blur occurred around the pink-haired mage, as limbs of fists came out around his figure to go and slam into each thug, one after the other in rapid unison in a barrage like a machine-gun. Luffy was careful not to accidentally punch the pnk-haired man once as his fists came whipping around him and into the faces of the thugs, sending them all flying across the alley like flies. After the last fell, he ran into past the guy with pink-hair. “You ok, miss? And you, other miss?”He said, turning to the pink-haired man, thinking it had been a girl at first from behind due to the pink rosy hair. He blinked, getting all shocked face as he was not a girl at all!


"Ehhhh?!?! YOUR A GUY?!?!?"

[The group of thugs was quite eager to jump on Natsu and they were starting to move when suddenly some random guy yelled something that drew everyone’s attention to the alley’s entrance. To everyone’s surprise, even Natsu’s, a rain of fists was brought upon the bunch and dry sounds were repeatedly being produced from the contact on every hit. Natsu had never seen magic like this before so of course he was surprised by the event going on in front of him. After a few seconds that felt like minutes while gazing at that scene, the thugs fell to the ground, completely beaten senseless. As soon as the guy called him a girl, he stopped being dumbfounded and then became annoyed.]


[But what was the most important wasn’t the confusion of his gender but what this guy was. Was he a mage? If so, what sort of mage was he that allowed him to extend like he did and throw punches in that crazy way.]


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Let’s get fired up [Open]

[Guided by a scream asking for help, Natsu quickly dashed into an alley that was full of thugs ready to jump on a defenseless girl. Most people would usually just go about their own business for fear of getting caught up in something they couldn’t do anything about but the fire mage wasn’t someone who would fear being outnumbered so with one huge leap, he went from being behind the crowd of thugs to be standing between them and the girl.]

Alright bastards, let’s see how good can you handle yourselves against someone stronger than you!


[Even if Natsu was somewhat famous in the sector 5 for his rampages against evil guys that usually left a huge destruction as a collateral everytime, there were occasionally the band of thugs like these ones that hadn’t a clue as to who he was and they were soon to fear the dragonslayer. The first cocky thug merely laughed at him and swung a pipe down just to be met with a fiery fist on his face that sent the man literally flying away from the alley and smashing into a lamp post, bending the post in the process and leaving a completely unconscious guy on the ground.

The rest of the guys who were so dumbfounded at the rosy-haired guy nonchalantly doing an unbelievable feat once again looked back at him and then they looked nervously at each other and one of them said “If we all go at once, he can’t defend from all of us!” and the boy merely snickered when he heard that.]

If you think that’ll make a difference, go ahead, come at me.



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[[I want to rp with all the fire oriented characters.]]

Send me a “(ʃƪ ˘ ³˘)” and my muse will respond with a kiss that resembles their feeling(s) or relationship towards yours.


  • Hair: Irresistible Longing
  • Forehead: Blessing/Friendship
  • Eyelid: Adoration
  • Ear: Temptation
  • The Bridge of Nose: Treasuring
  • Cheek: Dear/Kindness/Satisfaction
  • Lips: Love
  • Throat: Desire
  • Nape: Deep Attachment
  • Back: Confirmation
  • Chest: Possession
  • Arm: Affection/Adoration
  • Wrist: Desire/Lust
  • Back of Hand: Respect/Love
  • Palm of Hand: Begging/Entreaty
  • Fingertip: Praise/Admiration
  • Tummy: You-will-always-come-back-to-me
  • Waist: Binding
  • Thigh: Control
  • Leg: Obediance
  • Instep: Subordination
  • Tip of the Toe: Worship/Idolize

((meme inspired by this))

dxienkai whispered,

"Look at your face! "

3.- Punching them

[Some guy had randomly punched him on the face and Natsu had no idea why so of course it annoyed him.]


themagehero whispered,

[resending] Look at your face! [#memes]

43.- Totaling their car

[Most people would get mad at getting their car smashed in for whatever reason but Natsu hated transportation and couldn’t care less if it was destroyed or not. Actually he hated the thing so might as well encourage it.]

Yes, go ahead and destroy that evil machinery! 

levitersora whispered,

Look at your face !

50.- Planking.

[Natsu didn’t know about the fad of lying as a plank over some weird places and for some reason, Sora had joined it and had called Natsu’s attention just to see his feat but Natsu didn’t understand why was he doing it in the first place.]

Um… Sora? What the hell are you doing over there?…