[It was normal morning in the city, but on a park in the city, along the paved road of the green areas were lying face down on the grass, both a pink-haired boy and a blue-haired cat. Suddenly as one of them felt the pressence of a random passerby, the boy gathered his remaining strength to issue a plea.]



[Normally, Natsu didn’t like to take night strolls as he was used to sleep at night but he was hired to investigate an area that had made the local people concerned since there seemed to be sightings of a ghost apparently. At least people thought it was one because it only showed up at nights with clear moonlight and they said it seemed like the ghost of a woman because silken hair that seemed white, almost transparent and her eyes didn’t seem human. Natsu wasn’t scared of ghosts but he actually hoped he would see one tonight. However, he did find a lady that fit the description, gazing at the moon around the area that the guy who hired Natsu to investigate had mentioned.]

Hey, Miss ghost-lady!

Happy: Natsu, I don’t think a ghost would reply to you that easily…


[Even if it was for a job at the “local” branch of the guild, Natsu would usually go all out and do his job requests without holding back. Right now was one of those cases. He was asked to take down a gang of thugs that had been terrorizing a few of the shops in the district and so he couldn’t let it slip. Being the kind of guy he was, he ended up destroying not only the gang’s hideout but public property as well, he had grown to go on a rampage like this most of the time so he was standing on top of one of the defeated thugs that had smoke coming from his clothes where he had been punched and anyone who saw the scene would think he was bullying some weaklings instead of punishing some wrong-doers. Not only that but it was pretty clear that he had done more damage than these guys had done to the area.]

That will teach you all to not mess with the people here!

[His victory over the thugs was cut short by a piercing gaze as he felt a very angry familiar wizard witnessing the scene.]



     Friend? Play? The magic words! Nowi’s face splits into a grin miles wide, jumping for joy with fists pumped in the air.

     "YAY! This is so awesome! Most people don’t wanna play with me — but now we can play all the time!" All. The. Time.


     She pauses, looking down at the tiny blue critter, shrugging. "And, uh, probably… I’d eat one."

[Happy could only imagine what sort of fishy flavor would that kind of creature have but since they had eaten a lot of different things, he was prepared for pretty much anything.]

Happy: Ohhh, I’d like to eat one if we ever come across it too!

[Having the energy that he had, Natsu could very well play from morning until sunset and sleep as soundly as a rock, just to sleep on the next morning and repeat so he didn’t falter on his remark.]

Yeah, sure! We can play or train or we can find something to do to keep us entertained!

Ok, since it doesn’t seem like I owe anyone a reply (If I do, please let me know though), I’m gonna do one of those “like for a short starter” thing and I’ll probably cap it at 4 because I don’t think I can make more than that tonight!

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    — That lifts her sour face easy enough.

     "You mean it? So we really are friends!"


     "Hey, yeah! That works! As long as you play with me and stuff, you could be an eight-legged sea-creature for all I care! Hee hee."

[Natsu wondered what sort of creature would that even be but shrugged it off since it sounded dreadful enough to actually picture it. His winged blue friend however, wasn’t the same.]

Happy: Aye! I’m also your friend! And are eight-legged sea creatures edible?

Yeah, we can play anything all of us together!

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so a dragon and a dragonslayer walk into a bar →

Our muses go out drinking together, send me a → to find out what happens

05. get married, Vegas style.

[While drinking, the theme of marriage had come to their conversation and Natsu talked about how he was going to marry a friend of his when he was little, and Nowi ended up mentioning how she wanted to have a family and get married and thanks to the drinks, one thing led to another and before they realized it, they were in front of an altar being married.]

Y’know, my zzad would pro’ly be haaappy I marrrrried annnother draaagon

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Our muses go out drinking together, send me a → to find out what happens

11. get robbed.

[Natsu isn’t too fond of alcoholic drinks but he was somehow convinced to go out drinking and as was expected, he ended up drunk. Natsu was a good fighter, but as luck would have it, both passed out in a park, so they didn’t realize they had been stripped of their wallets until they woke up.]


[The feeling of the hungover was new to the dragonslayer so he didn’t know how to react to it but the headache looming over him was not pleasant at all. Finally, he touched his pockets and felt them too light, he then started checking out the rest of his clothing to realize he only had his clothing and nothing else.]


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Nonsexual acts of Intimacy - Select from the following for my muse to respond to…

♟:Patching up a wound

[Natsu had gotten a few gashes while involving himself in a huge accident in order to save people but even though he said he was fine, Mami, who had arrived just as the incident finished, offered to help him with first aid at least and he agreed to it. There he was, sitting with his shoulder pouring blood while Mami dressed up the wound and put a gauze over it and Natsu seemed to withstand the pain well enough.]

Well, I’m used to having injuries everytime I fight so this is no biggie! Thanks for the help anyway!