But I can protect myself, Natsu-san! I can even use Dragon Force now!" Well, it was one time. She wasn’t sure if she could replicate the effects, and certainly not without a large supply of magic.

It doesn’t matter, if he can’t protect you, I won’t acknowledge him. He must be at least that strong.



But nobody is stronger than you, Natsu-san…

Then he’ll have to get stronger! I will not acknowledge anyone who’s not capable of protecting you!



What’s that look for, Natsu-san!? I wasn’t talking about me!

However, if he’s not at least as strong as me, I won’t recognize him!

[Nope he completely ignored her remarks.]



Can people not just be left alone to fall in love in peace? All of you who make a big deal should be ashamed!

Wendy is at that age, I see…



     Snickering quietly to herself, Fionna takes a bite from a sandwich, crossing
her legs and leaning forward with her elbows on her knees to watch them argue.
When she finally gets a moment she can get a word in, she swallows what she’s
chewing and motions at Happy with her sandwich. 

                       ”Kitty’s right. I was just singing— I do that
                   sometimes, if it gets too quiet around.” 

       Taking another bite of her sandwich, she doesn’t bother swallowing this time
before speaking again, still bent forward to peer at them curiously. 
                       ”You two lost or somethin’?” 

[At the girl’s response, his playful behaviour showed by shaking his head sidewyas and picking on Natsu.]

Happy: See? You really need to pay attention, Natsu.

[Natsu was about to get angry and start yelling once again but he begrudgingly calmed himself and sighed before finally talking again.]

Not really. We were on our way to get some food for ourselves and decided to go through here.

'What' Slayer..? [Natsu]



Whenever the crowds started to thicken, anxieties would start to rise and Priscilla would fade from sight as often as she was able to. There were so many, and it was so strange to see them… Stranger still that few even bothered to regard her. It was something she was thankful for, but it was still hard to get used to.

Right now was one of those moments, and she strode along one of the wider walkways in the cultural sector entirely invisible, careful to avoid those who might cross her path.

One of them however, caught her eye. Or more accurately, her nose. He looked human enough- the hair colour was interesting- but he smelled different, something she could almost place… Oh, and he had a blue creature with him. Two then.

Regardless, she went to stride past, but it was as if he instinctively moved to block her. She stepped to the side, but still it seemed as if he was sensing something, almost like he knew something was there… 

Nnn, she was unsure what to do, and her current shroud would not last much longer.

[Another normal day that would go by unevently or so it was supposed to be. Natsu was merely walking through the crowds with no real destination while looking for something fun to do today when his nose got a funny scent. It wasn’t evil or anything similar but it was rather similar to that of dragons… too similar. As such, the boy started following the scent until he heard steps that didn’t match those of the people around. His hearing wasn’t on par with that of Cobra’s who could “hear” even thoughts, but he was definitely as good as an animal’s so he noticed thanks to there not being that many people around the path and tried following the sound of the steps that could barely be heard.]

-sniff, sniff- Who’s there?

[One walker by merely looked to the side to see the boy pointing towards thin air and hurriedly walked away so as to not get caught in some crazy guy’s foolish talk or something similar, but Happy was a bit confused as he floated behind Natsu since he hadn’t realized yet.]


Hearing the familiar voices, Mira naturally turned to find the source. Her heart lightened, seeing the duo, both of who seemed no worse for wear. It didn’t cross her mind that they could be anyone other than her guildmates. Maybe it was a result of their bond or maybe a simple matter of her failing to grasp the situation they all found themselves in. 


"Natsu, Happy!"

Mira greeted, holding the blue cat close to her, almost making sure he was real and not some wishful figment of her imagination.

"I’m glad you’re both okay."

As always, her tone was soft, her smile warm and welcoming. Seeing them gave her hope for the others and even for herself. 

[Happy was crying on Mira’s arm out of joy while Natsu finally got to stand in front of her with a smile on his face.]

Yeah, we’ve been okay and it’s nice to see you here too!

[That was to say, being away from their world wasn’t a good thing but the fact that they were together made things a lot brighter, even more so if they were safe.]

Were you taken here just recently or have you been here for a while? I mean, we’ve been around for a long time but since they take people and place them in different parts of this huge city, we can go around for a while without finding each other.


      Completely ignoring everyone and everything, perched on a tree in a park,
singing quietly to herself while she sets up a mini-picnic. 

                           ”With your feet on the air
                     and your head on the ground

                     Try this trick and spin it, yeah
                     Your head will collapse
                     But there’s nothing in it
                     And you’ll ask yourself—” 

Pausing, she give a little ‘hup!’ as she lobs a napkin into a nearby trashcan, and
continues cheerfully-

                            “—where is my mind…?”

[As Natasu was making a shortcut through the park, his steps came to a halt when he heard an unknown melody from close and couldn’t help but stay to listen, noticing the girl who was the owner of the voice, continuing doing her thing without a care of her surroundings. Naturally, the dragon slayer couldn’t help but feel curious and approached.]

Huh, what are you doing?


Happy: She was singing, wasn’t that obvious enough?




[As soon as his blue partner made that remark, the rosy-haired boy couldn’t help but yell back in anger.]